E-mail talulahtattoos@gmail.com to set up a consultation, appointment or for all other inquiries. 

I am an artist at Majestic Tattoo NYC.

Check out the Majestic's website for additional information about our policies. 




For all tattoo related inquiries please include all of the following in the e-mail: 

  • TYPE (New, Add on, CoverUp)
  • PLACEMENT (Can be a general idea and photo of the area is best)
  • SIZE (When applicable, in inches) 
  • DESCRIPTION (General Idea. Feel free to upload reference photos and/or sketches)


For all larger and more complex custom tattoos it is necessary to set up a consultation to go over placement and ideas. Consultations typically take about 15-30 minutes and l encourage clients to come prepared with reference photos but it is not mandatory.  


To book and secure an appointment, the day of the consultation, I request a non refundable deposit that goes towards the total cost of the tattoo, typically $50-100 depending on the size of the piece. If you are not able to come by the shop or if there is no necessary consultation I can also accept a deposit through PayPal. Please read the Deposit Policy Section before doing so. 

To get ready for your appointment please eat and hydrate. Don't drink alcohol 24hrs before. Give yourself enough time to get your tattoo done as it is difficult to accurately estimate how long a project will take. The pain IS TOLERABLE, you can choose to take some Aspirin or Advil to help with it.  In extreme cases I can apply a bit of numbing cream, but please note that even if this helps a little, it does not ever numb the area 100%. 

Please note that Majestic Tattoo is CASH ONLY. 

Deposit Policy

A deposit is NON REFUNDABLE and goes towards drawing time and the total cost of the tattoo. If the tattoo takes multiple sessions, the deposit will be taken out of the cost of the last session.   

Cancellation Policy

If you need to change the time/date of your appointment, please e-mail me at least 48hrs before your scheduled appointment. If failed to do so, you will forfeit your deposit.

Please understand that an appointment is a serious commitment for not only the client but the artist and that it might be difficult to fill in that spot last minute. 


All commission payments for all types of artwork can be done trough PayPal, or in cash if you're in the NYC area. I ask for a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of 50% of the quoted price to start any project, and the remainder 50% is taken upon delivery. 


Looking forward to hearing from you!